Reviews of “Career Renewal”

“If I had to find a new job, this is the one book I'd read! And carefully so. Stephen Rosen and Celia Paul offer plausible and practical advice, founded in much experience, to the professional changing his or her career. Career Renewal is the ultimate self-help manual for the intelligent job seeker…Career Renewal is a superbly intelligent and practical guide to finding a new profession, to making that new turn that an educated person wants or is forced to make.”
    —ROALD HOFFMANN, 1981 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York

“the emotionally intelligent guide to managing your career”
    —DANIEL GOLDMAN, “Emotional Intelligence”

“a compass, a map, a gyroscope…a groundbreaking book”
    —NATHAN MYRHVOLD, Microsoft

“…Rosen and Paul present an enormous wealth of practical material gleaned from years of experience in helping technical professionals evaluate their careers and find new jobs…The book is well written, easy to read, and offers a good deal of information and insight.”
     —DENNIS CHAMOT, Professional Relations Bulletin

“I have seen how Stephen Rosen has helped a number of scientists change their careers successfully. This well-written book distills his experience, knowledge and humor in way that can help many others who are thinking about changing succeed as well.”
    —DAVID Z. ROBINSON, Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government, New York

“The empowerment of scientists to pursue broad career options is a pressing need on both the individual and societal levels. This book draws upon the authors' extensive experience to assist these professionals in making career transitions. It combines personal experiences, practical tips and a fresh perspective on healthy and unhealthy attitudes regarding career change. The book would be a useful addition to the library of any scientist contemplating a transition.”
    —ROBERT H. RICH, Ph.D., President, Association for Science Professionals, Program Associate, American Association for the Advancement of Science

“This book is chicken soup for career maladies—and the disgruntled, dismayed, and disenfranchised among the science-trained. The authors have fashioned an antidote to the maxim ‘smart people can do anything’ by amassing testimonials from scientists who have made career transitions. They offer ‘existence proofs’ that science is indeed a solid foundation for a range of jobs. The list of 25 ‘counterproductive career strategies, dangerous to smart people’ is a compelling inventory for any professional. With wit and wisdom, Rosen and Paul have produced a singular source—a combination survival kit, biography, and self-help directory to remind and inform the reader that career renewal is a 45-year journey. Each of us can do more for ourselves than merely ‘hold on.’”
    —DARYL E. CHUBIN, Ph.D., National Science Foundation, Policy Analyst and Co-author of Rethinking Science as a Career: Perceptions and Realities in the Physical Sciences

“To those familiar with the popular career development literature, this is a variation of What Color is Your Parachute?, but geared for scientists and engineers. What especially distinguishes their book, besides their use of science metaphors, is the case studies of scientists and other technical professionals making career changes, some quite dramatic: from research physics to software company management, naval architecture to English literature, geology to international finance, and so on.
If you want to take a brief and private time out to think about what matters in your career and life, and how well your current situation matches your values and skills and interests, Rosen and Paul provide tools for organizing your thoughts and feelings.”
    —CATHERINE D. GADDY, executive director of the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology in Washington, D.C. She participated in IEEE Spectrum's roundtable on employment (March 1996, pp.20-31) IEEE SPECTRUM, January 1998

Career Renewal is a practical career guide that shows you how to get the job you want. Designed specifically for scientists, engineers, and other medical and legal professionals, this book contains the information you need to rejuvenate your career.
    Written by a Ph.D. scientist and an experienced career counselor, this book is based on materials and concepts developed through numerous career workshops. The book includes proven step-by-step techniques that have been field-tested by thousands of scientists, engineers, and physicians.
    Career Renewal contains numerous exercises to help determine the appropriate jobs for you. It also outlines how to prepare a winning resume. The book presents supplemental references and discusses the use of the Internet in a job search. It also contains resources on professional networking, mentoring, recruiters, preparing for interviews, and salary negotiations.
    Career Renewal teaches professionals to identify career options in any field. This timely guide will help scientists find a different and satisfying career in today's market.