Typical career problems of lawyers, and their complaints…

"After all these years practicing law, I get no pleasure from it now. I have talents that could better serve me in another field."

"I'm doing what I always wanted to do, but my dream job is now a nightmare -- deadening and formulaic."

"I've gotten job offers, but they're of no interest. I'm at a dead end."

"I was never cut out to be a lawyer. I just fell into it and stayed too long. But I don't know what I'm suited for."

"I'm a legal strategist with little tolerance for detail and repetitive work. I have to get out of this rut."

"At my firm, I have everything I always looked for as a lawyer, but I'm dissatisfied...I'm not learning or growing."

"I'm disillusioned with the way I have to practice law, the people I work with, and the cases I get."

"I generate lots of business, but it's killing me. Is this all there is?"