Success Stories

Ted Mills

Ted Mills: From Bankruptcy, Litigation and Corporate Law to Fundraising and Development for Non Profits

After just a few years working long hours as a lawyer, Ted Mills knew he wanted to leave the field by age thirty -- but wasn’t sure what he wanted to do next. He discovered his interest in non- profit fund-raising and development, made connections…and has never regretted his successful career change. With positions at John Hopkins University, Swarthmore College and the Philadelphia Museum of Art under his belt, Ted feels he’s finally found something professionally he’s both skilled at and has a passion for.  more...


Taina Ben-Amie

Taina Bien-Aimé: From a corporate lawyer on Wall Street and Director of Business Affairs at HBO to Executive Director of Equality

Now, a non profit agency fighting for women’s rights around the globe. Her career change provided a platform for Bien-Aimé to become a prominent, articulate, and passionate spokeswoman, mobilizing governments to take action, and publicizing issues she deeply personally and professionally cares about. more...


Marissa Tiamfook

Marissa Tiamfook: Made a major transition from working as an entertainment lawyer…to entertaining.

After two years at a corporate law gig, Tiamfook took center stage and become a full-time actress. But she hasn’t left her legal roots behind altogether, since she still manages to find time for plenty of pro bono work. more...


Rhonda Joy McLean

Rhonda Joy McLean:  Now Associate General Counsel   responsible for reviewing and clearing 8,000 proposals annually, she began in music therapy, moved into Criminology, then transitioned to the Children's Defense Fund and the FTC before her current position at Time, Inc.


She grew up in a little tobacco town in the South -- an experience that has informed her life as a practicing attorney for the past 22 years. She's also a mezzo-soprano, classically trained pianist, and a champion networker. She's raised $2 million a year to grant awards to small, below-the-radar women-founded, women-led organizations that enhance the lives of low-income women and children. more...


Elizabeth Dalyrimple

Elizabeth Dalyrimple ( not her real name) Lawyer who transitioned from large firm to In-House.

She made the transition from law firm to in-house counsel for a prominent financial institution. Then she became General Counsel to a hedge fund. In an interview, she talks about how she made the change, and provides insight and tips to others who are looking to make similar moves. more...