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Celia Paul, President

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Stephen Rosen, Chairman

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If you wish to speak to us…

If you wish to have a brief telephone conversation (at no cost to you) with one of our career experts, please:


(1) point and click at the blinking tab at the top center of this page that says “Free Test Drive” (you will be asked there to fill out a brief diagnostic questionnaire in confidence); then

fill out either the two-minute version, or the seven-minute version (recommended). The purpose is to make the necessarily-brief telephone conversation effective, efficient, and productive.


You will be contacted by return e-mail after you fill out and submit the questionnaire. A date and time will be set and confirmed for a brief phone conversation.

An Initial Consultation?

You may wish to move to the next step in discussing a career transition with us: an Initial Consultation. This usually takes place (after the brief telephone conversation) face-to-face in our New York offices, but may be done by phone. This one-and-a-half hour Initial Consultation produces an Action Plan for the career transition you are contemplating. Each of the following three phases will refer to your unique career situation, and are tailored to you, your needs, and your complete career circumstances.
1. options assessment,
2. options exploration research,
3. implementation
In the Initial Consultation with you, we identify the details and amount of work in each phase that you will need to do to get to where you want to be. This will determine the total fee for the career counseling program designed specifically for you. Once we get to understand you and your career circumstances, you will then be in a position to assess your own comfort level with the Action Plan we develop with you, and your comfort level with us and with our fees. The fee for this initial 1.5 hour consultation is set in advance during the brief free telephone conversation.
For this fee, you receive a plan of action specifically designed for you. You will then have two options:
A. You may take this action plan and implement it by yourself.
B. You may decide on the basis of the Initial Consultation to retain us to help you do what’s necessary to get you where you want to be. If you decide to retain us, we work together with you to implement your Action Plan until you land safely in a new job or career that fits who you are.
In either case, you’ll get clarity, focus, and learn what you need to do to get from where you are now…to where you’d like to be.