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Occupational Mobility and Personal Fulfillment Are National Resources

Layoffs, quitting, getting fired, and changing career directions may not only turn out to be good for you by presenting opportunities to exercise different ‘muscles’, but they are also good for our economy. Saying “goodbye” to a job or career can reap unexpected benefits, become blessings in disguise, provide a new lease on life, and create genuinely productive more...

Videotape Offers Shock Therapy for Interview-Challenged Applicants
ABAJournal, May 2007 page 55, CAREER AUDIT

Sit up straight. Stop drumming your fingers. If only you could see what you look like.

Job applicants will ignore Mother’s advice at their peril; law firm interviewers are likely to notice. And they are likely to be turned off by habits that signal inattention or a lack of professionalism.

That’s why career counselors are more often videotaping mock job interviews to let lawyers and law students see themselves as others see them—or, more accurately, as potential employers see them...

We do video feedback of practice job interviews with virtually every lawyer who comes to us for career counseling,” says Stephen Rosen. A New York City career counselor, he heads Celia Paul Associates, an outplacement consulting business.

When the videotape is replayed immediately after the mock interview, clients are typically surprised to see how they present themselves... read more...

"Making Healthy Career Transitions & Choices"
By Dr. Stephen Rosen
From Physics World (May 2000)

Do You have a healthy career? If you are confronted with a transition you did not initiate, will you thrive? Most professionals will change direction several times during their career, or even transform their careers completely. read more ...

"Changing Careers: Is The Grass Truly Greener On The Other Side?"

By Dr. Stephen Rosen & Celia Paul
From Reviews of Ophthalmology (P. 44, November 1998)

In a survey of 1,300 physicians done fairly recently,(1), 63 percent said they wouldn't recommend medicine as a career to their children, explaining that society does not value the immense amount of hard work and intelligence it takes. Because of this feeling of underappreciation, many physicians are thinking about leaving medicine. If you are one of them, we have some advice for you. read more...

"Recruiter Versus Career Counselors: When To Do What"

By Dr. Stephen Rosen & Celia Paul

A thermos may have the most resilient and savvy career of any inanimate object, since it keeps hot stuff hot, cold stuff cold--and what's more, knows when to do what. Are you resilient and savvy enough to know when to do what with your career? When do you use search firms or recruiters? When do you use career counselors? And when do you use neither? read more...

"Thought as a system", from You Are What You Say
By M. Budd & L. Rothstein, Random House, NY 2000.

1. Thought shows you a world of its own making. What you see is a product of your thoughts, not an external reality. If you lived in a time when the shared thought was that the world was flat, you'd believe the horizon would look like an edge and that you could fall off. 2. Thought fools you into thinking that you're seeing the world as it is. You forget that you're reacting to a world shaped by your own thoughts. 3. Until you perceive thought as the creator of your experience, it controls your life. 'Trained Incapacity'

"Proven Survival Strategies For Independent Start-Ups"
By Dr. Stephen Rosen
From ENTREPRENEUR (April 1987, pg. 109)