Celia Paul Associates Law Related Publications

“Is That What I Look Like?”
        by Martha Neil
        ABA Journal, May 2004

“From the Law Office to the Boardroom”
        by Marci Alboher Nusbaum
        The New York Times: Executive Life, January 20, 2002

“Associate Anxiety: Layoffs Are Less Stressful Thank Missing Goals”
        by Celia Paul and Stephen Rosen
        New York Law Journal, October 30, 2001

“At The Bar: The Passions and Peccadilloes of American Lawyers”
        by David Margolick
        (a compilation of his NY Times columns)

“Career Renewal: When to Do What”
        by Celia Paul and Stephen Rosen
        Perspective, New York State Bar Association, Fall 1998

“When Lawyers Clash with Superiors”
        by Celia Paul
        Perspective: New York State Bar Association, Spring 1998

“Successful Women Lawyers Define Success Differently”
        by Amy Travison
        State Bar News, March/April 1998

“The Job Change for Lawyers After Age 45”
        by Bettina Seidman and Christine S. Wilson
        New York Law Journal, Tuesday, September 26, 1995

“The Safety Valve: Going Outside the Law”
        by Celia Paul
        New Jersey Law Journal, September 12, 1994

“An Orderly Approach to Career Transition Process”
        by Celia Paul
        New York Law Journal, February 22, 1994

“Recessionary Downsizing Affects Lawyers”
        by Celia Paul
        New Jersey Lawyer, January 24, 1994

"Developing Your Legal Practice:
How to Obtain and Maintain a Client Base"
        Edited by Celia Paul
        Commercial Law and Practice: Course Handbook Series
        Copyright 1993

“Creating a New Role for an Unproductive Partner”
        by Celia Paul and Christine Wilson
        New York Law Journal, October 26, 1993

“How Top Rainmakers Achieve Success”
        by Celia Paul
        New York Law Journal, September 21, 1992

“The Power of Niche Marketing”
        by Christine Wilson
        Trial Lawyer, September 1993

“Why Lawyers are Leaving Law”
        by Celia Paul
        Trial Lawyer, January 1992

“The New Brain Trust”
        by Barbara Lovenhein
        New York Magazine, July 22, 1991

“Outplacement Fills A Growing Need”
        by Audrey Duff
        The American Lawyer, May 1991

“City Bar Session On Finding Jobs Attracts 200”
        by Daniel Wise
        New York Law Journal, April 23, 1991

“Outplacement Thrives in Tough Economy”
        by Edward Adams
        New York Law Journal, March 18, 1991

“Lawyers' Secure World Is Shaken by Layoffs”
        by Ellen Joan Pollock
        The Wall Street Journal, February 27,1991

“Firing Trends”
        by Sheryl Gross-Glaser
        The ABA Journal

“At the Bar”
        by David Margolick
        The New York Times Law, August 17, 1990

“Is There More to Life Than Law?”
        by Samuel G. Adler
        New Jersey Law Journal, March 9, 1989

“At the Bar”
        by David Margolick
        The New York Times Law, February 10, 1989

“Non-Legal Careers for Lawyers”
        by Celia Paul
        Changing Jobs: A Handbook for Lawyers
        Edited by Carol Kanarak
        New York, NY, 1989

“Bringing Up Baby”
        by Patricia A. Mairs
        The National Law Journal, March 14, 1988

“Still a Long Way to Go for Women, Minorities”
        by Doreen Weisenhaus
        The National Law Journal, February 8, 1988

“Charting Your Career Goals”
        by Celia Paul and Ann W. Sanger
        Management Solutions, December 1987

“Lawyers Lured by Other Careers, Lifestyles”
        by Alberta I. Cook
        The National Law Journal, February 16, 1987

“Have A Staff Meeting With Yourself!”
        by Celia Paul
        Executive Female, November/December 1986

“Doctors Exercise Options for a More Satisfying Life”
        by Malcolm M. Manber
        Medical World News, October 27, 1986

“Women in the Law: Many Are Getting Out”
       &nbspby Judy Klemesrud
        The New York Times Style, August 9, 1985

“Becoming Unglued-and Unstuck”
       &nbspby Mindy Liss
        The National Law Review, October 29, 1984