Short audio from Stephen Rosen

Unpredictable hours. Dwindling satisfactions from patient care. Repetitive demands and stress of emergencies and disasters. Lack of balance between a professional life and a personal life. Yet it’s precisely these problems that can became opportunities, once you realize that you have a bushel basket full of specific, enjoyable, transferable skills.

“Experienced M.D. with outstanding communication skills, proven record of business success, enthusiasm, dedication to relationship building and education within the medical community”. That from his resume. But in person he told us: “I have not enjoyed much satisfaction in the practice of medicine. I want to lose the pager and the angst… to express myself more creatively… to have more time... even eliminate my clinical practice, perhaps… to explore my options realistically”.  There’s no name for his condition in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. We call it 'career malaise', 'burn-out', 'discontented doctor syndrome'.

Dispirited physicians rarely cause adverse outcomes in patients … but they may experience frustration, depression, absence of joie de vivre. Instead of ‘career surgery’ or ‘career medications’, we prescribe systematic and rational planning.

Without a plan, would you prescribe meds or perform surgery? So why go into today's Darwinian job-market without a plan or a "theory of career victory"?  If you "shoot from the hip", you're likely to "shoot yourself in the foot".

Our premium career services for physicians begin with an initial consultation to determine your career needs, and to develop your own "theory of career victory" -- a customized and detailed plan designed to help you transfer your skills to a new job or career that is both practical in today's economy and a worthy expression of who you are.

Founded in 1980, we are the best-known U.S. career management firm specializing in professionals like you. We guarantee confidentiality, integrity, individual attention, premium quality service and dignity to all of our clients.

Thousands of doctors like you have landed in satisfying jobs and careers using our services. Our network of former clients who have transitioned with our help are often available as contacts to help you with your next move.

Our fees depend on your level of seniority. We employ an up-to-date and market-savvy inventory of career strategies (3 stages)which we tailor to your career circumstances, timetable, and resources.

We assist you in every step of the way -- until you attain the position or career you want that fits who you are.

Is your life worth sacrificing for your career?