Eye surgeon who transitioned to health care investment/venture capital firm

"I just got the most wonderful job you can imagine. I am a Managing Director at an investment bank specializing in medical companies.You showed me a different approach to life. I have taken this approach to my new job and so far I have built a great relationship with all of the people at the firm. It has truly been a life changing event. I never realized how great life can be when you are doing what you want to do. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

"I basically have three jobs -- all of which are tremendously interesting. My first job is to build out specialty investment banking in healthcare investment banking first. My second job is to expand their research department. We currently have about 10 analysts but I just bought a new database company for them and we are adding tremendous information capacity. Currently our new research product is used by all of the major investment banks -- UBS Warburg, JP Morgan Chase, Salomon, etc. Even the Federal Reserve Board subscribes to our services and uses them as a source of data for their internal reports. Currently I am expanding our capacity and we are building new types of research products. Finally, I am putting together an investment fund for private investment in public equity. My job is interesting every day. The firm is growing dramatically. We just bought a securities company with a trading desk so we now have that service. We are also acquiring securities companies elsewhere. I truly could never have done this without the help of the two of you."

Psychiatrist who became a consultant to an insurance company

"I have you to thank you for giving me the structure to think about the direction I really wanted to head, and giving me the confidsence to set out on the road I followed to achieve my goal."

Internal medicine to public health

"I felt that I was in the hands of professionals. They know their work and gave valuable insight and counsel. Dr. Rosen was there when I needed to discuss developments and strategy. I give them top marks. I was lucky to have them as my career consultants."

Radiologist to media consultant

"I could not have accomplished this career move at my age without their counsel and advice. They were always available, and the quality of the advice was excellent"