Career Well Being Scale:
Is your career a worthy expression of who you are?

How well do you and your career fit?

Here are questions to ask yourself about your current career: How easy would it be for you to improve your career or career direction? What are the likely obstacles you would encounter, and could you overcome them to be successful in your transition?

The following attitudes and behaviors have been found to be attributes of high-functioning, successful, and satisfied professionals. See our book “Career Renewal” for the complete 47-item verson or click here to do it now.

Ask yourself to what extent you agree with each statement:(never, sometimes, or always.)

  1. I intuitively develop abiding relationships with my friends and colleagues.
  2. Professional colleagues, mentors, advisors and role models have been important in my life.
  3. Life is full of random events I attempt to convert to adventures.
  4. In my professional and social life, I present my truest and best self.
  5. I know what I can change, what I can't and the difference between them.
  6. I redirect my energies, instincts and desires into useful pursuits.
  7. Humility is a great virtue.
  8. The harder the work, the luckier I get.
  9. I work hard and play hard.
  10. Decisions I made at important turning points in my career were beneficial to my career.
  11. I am energetic and optimistic about my career and my life.
  12. I gain energy, pleasure and renewal from my work or career.
  13. Excellent job opportunities and offers well-suited to me have come my way as if by chance.

To help interpret your responses, to see how they reflect your “career improvability,” and to discuss your career circumstances, you may wish to speak to one of our professional staff members in confidence. There is no charge for a brief conversation.

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