About Career Well Being and Celia Paul Associates

Hippocrates said that what's more important than the disease the person has is the person who has the disease. In "career health" terms, similarly, what's more important than the career transition the person makes is the person who makes the career transition.

We have developed an original paper-and-pencil instrument to measure your ability to change careers (career resilience, career versatility, and career flexibility), which reflects those career attitudes, career behaviors, and career beliefs of "career change champions," -- lawyers, doctors, scientists, engineers, and other credentialed professionals who have made both successful and satisfying career transitions on their own.  Their behaviors are "best practices" or a "gold standard" for changing careers on your own...or with our help.

Celia Paul Associates specializes in career change, career planning, and career coaching for physicians. Offering quality specialist care since 1980, Celia Paul Associates is the largest, oldest, and most well known U.S. career management firm guiding physicians to "career well-being" in non-clinical careers within or outside of medicine. You may expect and demand the same high standards of performance from Celia Paul Associates that you provide to your patients. Your investment in your professional identity can be renewed in a new setting that affords you career satisfaction by using your most enjoyable transferable skills.

Celia Paul is the founder and President of the career management firm, Celia Paul Associates. The firm specializes in career mobility planning for high-level professionals, particularly physicians and attorneys. Since its inception in 1980, the firm has guided several thousand highly-credentialed men and women to satisfying careers. Celia Paul, author of numerous articles in both professional and general publications, is an expert on career transitions for doctors, cited in the AMA book Leaving the Bedside, and serves as a referral resource to the AMA Physician Career Resource Service. Her work with professional clients has been prominently featured in, among others: Medical Economics (May, 1990), American Medical Association News (January 10, 1994), The New York Times (February 10, 1989), and Physician Executive (October, 1995). Educated at Columbia University, Celia Paul served on the faculty of Albert Einstein College of Medicine, and New York University, where she offers a course on career transition for doctors. She has lectured at the New York State Medical Association, and produces group workshops and special seminars. She is the co-author (with Stephen Rosen) of the book, "Career Renewal", cited by Harvard as "a dynamic blueprint for career transitions". Dr. Stephen Rosen is Chairman of Celia Paul Associates. He specializes in working with physicians, attorneys, scientists and other professionals. He has written articles on career versatility planning for Medical Economics, The Scientist, The Wall Street Journal, BioTechnology, National Business Employment Weekly. Articles about his career programs have appeared in The New York Times, Science, on the Internet, and the World Wide Web. Stephen Rosen is the Founder and Director of Scientific Career Transitions, a tax-exempt organization (funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation) that pioneers in the development of systematic methods and specialized techniques to help credentialed individuals advance their careers. He has addressed the New York State Medical Association, and other medical societies, the International Association of Career Management Professionals, and the U.S. National Academy of Sciences on critical career issues. He is the co-author with Celia Paul of the book "Career Renewal", which has been called "a really intelligent book on jobs, careers, and fulfillment at work".

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