“CAREER RENEWAL” is the answer.
What’s the question?

“What spurs economic growth, organizational productivity, and individual satisfaction?” is the question, according to Stephen Rosen and Celia Paul, authors of CAREER RENEWAL (Academic Press, ISBN 0-12-59060-9).

Renew your career with our book “Career Renewal”, “the ultimate self-help manual for the intelligent job seeker” (Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann), “the emotionally intelligent guide to managing your career” (Daniel Goleman, “Emotional Intelligence”), “a compass, a map, a gyroscope...a groundbreaking book” (Nathan Myrhvold, Microsoft).


Career frustration and dissatisfaction are at an all-time high in medicine, law, science, engineering, and management, despite handsome compensation packages and full employment. Features of the book that address these issues:

CAREER RENEWAL was commissioned by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation for scientists, engineers, and other credentialed professionals like physicians, attorneys, and executives who find themselves at a career crossroads.