Praise for "CAREER RENEWAL"…

"If I had to find a new job, this is the one superbly intelligent book I'd read! And very carefully. Stephen Rosen and Celia Paul offer plausible and practical advice, founded in much experience, to the professional changing his or her career, or finding a new profession. "Career Renewal" is the ultimate self-help manual for the intelligent job seeker.
     —Roald Hoffmann, Frank H. T. Rhodes Professor of Humane Letters, Cornell University 1981 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

"Engineers, scientists, and others at a career crossroads will find "Career Renewal" as valuable as a compass, a map, a transit, a polestar, and a gyroscope…It's a groundbreaking book."
     —Nathan Myrhvold, Chief Technology Officer, Executive Committee, Microsoft Corporation

"An eminently practical, emotionally intelligent guide to managing your career—a survival manual for the 90's and beyond"
     —Daniel Goleman, author of 1995 bestseller "Emotional Intelligence"

"Quite simply, the most important and useful book on careers I've come across. The "Career Well-Being Inventory" is a splendid instrument for advancing one's thinking as well as one's career. The book evokes basic self-analysis, and helps the reader to respond to such questions as: "Where am I going? Do I really want to go there? If not, where should I be going and how do I get there?" I wish I could afford to buy a copy for all of my acquaintances and friends and colleagues who are facing career transitions, but that would run into thousands. So I'm going to settle and simply buy a copy for every one of my family members."
     —Warren Bennis, Distinguished Professor, Founder of the Leadership Institute, University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business; author of ORGANIZING GENIUS, Addison-Wesley,'97.

"I have personally observed Stephen Rosen helping scientists change their careers successfully. As a scientist who has changed careers several times over the last 40 years, I appreciate the need for this well-written book, distilling his experience, knowledge and humor in ways that can successfully guide many scientists changing careers."
     —David Z. Robinson, Carnegie Commission on Science, Technology, and Government

A fascinating exploration of the shadowy "terra incognita" between "careers lost" and "careers found", between career angst—and career health. An extremely useful addition to the library of any scientist contemplating a transition.
     —Robert H. Rich, President, Association for Science Professionals Program Associate, American Association for the Advancement of Science

"This book is chicken soup for career maladies — and the disgruntled, dismayed, and disenfranchised among the science-trained. The authors have fashioned an antidote to the maxim "smart people can do anything" by amassing testimonials from scientists who have made career transitions. They offer "existence proofs" that science is indeed a solid foundation for a range of jobs. The list of 25 "counterproductive career strategies dangerous to smart people" is a compelling inventory for any professional. With wit and wisdom, Rosen and Paul have produced a singular source — a combination survival kit, biography, and self-help directory to remind and inform the reader that career renewal is a 45-year journey, and to show us how."
     —Daryl E. Chubin, Policy Analyst, National Science Foundation; Co-author, "Rethinking Science as a Career: Perceptions and Realities in the Physical Sciences" (Research Corporation , 1995)

"As a longtime student of occupational choice and career guidance, I am sure that there are thousands of well-educated young and middle-age scientists who can profit from a book that can help them find a better and more satisfying job and career. "Career Renewal" should be of help to many who need help"
     —Eli Ginzberg, Director, The Eisenhower Center for the Conservation of Human Resources, Columbia University

"I wish I had this book when I went through my career renewal! I can say from experience that it is right on the mark in every aspect. It skillfully guides you through the issues that you must address before, during and after the transition. This book is a blueprint for self renewal."
     —Joseph J. Atick Head of Computational Neuroscience Lab Rockefeller University

"An exceptionally comprehensive (and challenging) tool kit for not only those seeking to find a more satisfying career in a new arena but for those who want to understand themselves truly as they reshape, redirect,and reenergize their current career and worklife. Steve Rosen and Celia Paul are masters at getting us to answer the question: What do I want to do when I grow up? They also hold the secret to finding that new career: Either Network or Not Work.
     —Parry Norling, Planning Director, DuPont Corporate R&D

"If you're looking for a really intelligent book on the subject of jobs, careers, and fulfillment at work, Career Renewal is the book for you. It is one of the few books to have both a soundly practical and yet satisfying philosophical approach to the important subject of finding the right vocation."
     —David Rottman, Vice President and Manager, Career Services, Chase Manhattan Bank.

"White collar, blue collar, and 'gold-collar' professionals take note: you will need the 'elastic collar' career-shifting flexibility and career calisthenics found in Career Renewal to mobilize and lubricate your successful career transformation"
     —Robert Frosch, Fellow, John F. Kennedy School, Harvard University (former Director of Hudson Labs, Columbia University, former head of NASA, Assistant Secretary of Defense, UN Environmental Affairs, former Director of Research , General Motors)

"Every day strengthens my belief that the system you have developed and generously presented to us stands in a class of its own".
     —Kiril Kirillin, radio-astronomer

"Career Change for Lawyers, a very effective Program, guided me through a rough sea of information and data— giving me wisdom and knowledge—to a smooth landing and a new career"
     —Vyacheslav Kuteyev, mathematician, Johnson & Johnson Research Center

"Your methods really worked. As a result, I got four offers. I now work in one of the best labs in the world."
     —Semeon Tsipursky, Exxon Research

"You introduced me to innumerable resume-writing, networking, and interviewing techniques that are far from intuitive…you not only enhanced my professional presentation, but more importantly, boosted my self-confidence during a period when self-confidence was critical"
     —Attorney, well-known old-line law firm

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