"You can now measure your career well-being, resilience, and versatility against high performance standards of sophisticated 'career change champions' -- scientists, professionals and other advanced degree-holders who have changed careers often, successfully and happily", according to Stephen Rosen & Celia Paul, authors of a new 367-page book, CAREER RENEWAL, published by Academic Press.

CAREER RENEWAL introduces a new diagnostic tool, the Career Well-being Inventory, a 47-item paper-and-pencil exercise that can diagnose how healthy a career is, and how readily an educated person can transform his or her career into a satisfying, successful, complete, and worthy expression of a life.

Based upon interviews with "career change champions", scientists and other professionals who have changed careers often and say these changes improved and expanded their lives, the Career Well-being Inventory incorporates their recurring healthy career behaviors, benchmark themes, and versatile vocational strategies.

These become a beacon or 'true north' direction against which we can compare our own career transformations. Since "Career Well-being" was defined by highly skeptical professionals -- physicians, scientists, engineers, and lawyers who are "career change champions", the Inventory resembles a "comparison standard of career elasticity" applicable to any intelligent individual facing career choices.

How much you agree with the following attitudes of career-change champions reflects how readily you can transform your own career. "Life is full of random events I attempt to convert to adventures." "The harder I work, the luckier I get." "I gain energy, pleasure, and renewal from my work." "I intuitively develop abiding relationships with friends and colleagues." "My career is a worthy expression of my life."

"Like an annual physical checkup that monitors your vital signs," Dr. Rosen says, "the Career Well-being Inventory pinpoints common career ailments and diagnoses your specific counterproductive career behaviors. Then, CAREER RENEWAL prescribes those remedial 'career calisthenics'-- annual career maintenance 'exercises' and career 'preventive medicine' -- that will advance your career and smooth your transition".

If you need to improve your career 'health', as increasing numbers of educated people must, Ms. Paul gives the following advice: "Uncover your favorite skills, discover patterns to your past career decisions, flex your social skills muscles, gather data on real jobs, match you favorite skills with your practical options, and then find the opportunity to do what you most enjoy doing."

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