Resumes: Recipes for Rejection?

A successful resume is one that gets you an interview for a job. Your resume should be a professional and accurate presentation of your work history and you at your “truest best”, with a focus on your next position. Think of your resume as a key customized and adjusted to fit a lock, and yourself as a locksmith—who must analyze the lock before you insert the key. We help you write or rewrite your resume in the vernacular or idiom of the person you want to hire you.

Often, the subtext of a resume is: “Please hire me. I need a job. Help! I'm desperate”. Furthermore, your resume tells who you were, and are, not who you want to be. This can be a serious liability, especially when you are eager to move in a new career direction, to transition away from who you were. We have developed ways to prevent a resume from becoming a recipe for rejection.